• welcome!

    tangentfield is an open architectural field-research practice. We work with individuals and community groups, specialists and novices, to design and make beautiful temporary or permanent constructions. We often use performance as part of our method. And reclaimed or found materials as our resource. We experiment with ‘process’ and celebrate ‘product’. Each event or project we do provides a platform for people to come together and share ideas, enjoy teamwork and challenge the limits of pre-conception and expectation…… This website is a meeting place for our collaborators, projects, sites and inspiration. Please feel free to join us.
  • contact us

    sally@tangentfield.co.uk - general enquiries, educational & team-building projects lawrence@tangentfield.co.uk- general enquiries & community projects marcus@tangentfield.co.uk- general enquiries & rimondato workshops - Italy
  • design & make workshops

    tangentfield devise and coordinate special and memorable design-make events. These projects may lead to temporary or permanent constructions and backdrop conviviality. They facilitate cooperative and often educational opportunities for meeting new people, sharing skills, shaping environments and providing forums. Participants include community groups, specialist designers and makers, volunteers, university students, children and members of the public.
  • design consultations

    tangentfield devise and coordinate participatory consultations. These may be through workshop sessions with stakeholders of all ages. Modelmaking, performance, outdoor workshop activities.
  • studio

    many of our workshops lead towards the construction of permanent shelters and buildings. Our office; tangentstudio, provides the technical professional support to realise these projects. Field and studio together offer practical and conceptual solutions