RAW#4 – roots architecture at WOMAD: event architecture

This year saw the first PRE-Build. 4 teams a brief in advance and the chance to make their structures BRFORE the festival openned.

the 4th roots architecture workshop challenge at WOMAD 2013 went off in style.

the collaboration between fourth door review and tangentfield continues to  showcasing architecture and building projects in the humanitarian and aid sector, but this year we introduced making worships, swing classes talks and much more.

This year, we had a wonderful time working with:

‘Bamboo’ Jack Everett,   Charley Brentnall,    Katerine McNeil [AFH-UK] ,   Alasdair Dixon  [AFH-UK],   Benjamin Powell [ASF-UK],
Sophie Morley [ASF-UK],  new to the line up Rich Strange from [Akitrek]. Thanks as always to Margret Coles and Gavin Knowles from [Integral Design],